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The Luther J. Stallings, Jr. Scholarship

Friends of the University, in memory of Luther J. Stallings, Jr. and Elizabeth A. Stallings have established this scholarship fund. Their goal, exhibited by their generosity on an annual basis in funding this scholarship, is to assist Regent students in a variety of disciplines to meet the tuition costs of attending Regent University. Virginia domiciliary residence is preferred for at least half of the scholarships awarded, while there is also the intent to have at least one recipient who is an international student on an annual basis. Need is a consideration, as derived by the use of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The awards made from this fund are highly selective and the number, as well as the dollar amount of the awards, are limited and vary each year, depending upon the availability of funds. Awards are made for one academic year at a time, with the award being effective beginning in the fall semester through the following summer term(s). To retain the award from one semester to the next, the student must maintain at least the minimum appropriate grade point average each term as defined in the Regent catalog as necessary to avoid being placed upon academic probation. Requires at least one letter of recommendation from your priest or pastor (no more than three letters of recommendation will be accepted).