Conversational English Project

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The purpose of these online sessions is to provide additional English language conversation for non-native speakers in remote locations. Using SKYPE technology and scripted lessons, pre-selected students will meet weekly with tutors to practice basic conversations and gain greater confidence in spoken English.

The program consists of 6-8 scripted lessons. Each student will be emailed the lesson at least one week prior to meeting with the tutor. The lesson will include conversational dialogue that students may practice before the tutoring activity. Also, the student will be presented with three general questions. One or more questions will be asked by the tutor during the online meeting. The student will need to prepare an appropriate response to all 3 questions, and depending on the quality of response and mastery of spoken English, the tutor may ask one or more of the questions during the online session.

The program consists of Students, Conversational Partners and Student Supervisors working together.