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Approval Required


  •  A full, legible signature of the individual authorizing payment is required.
  • Only those individuals having budget responsibility or individuals to which that responsibility has been delegated may approve invoices and expenditure requests. 
  • Department heads must provide written authorization for approved individuals with the authorized individual's signature.
  • Individuals with budget responsibility cannot approve their own expense reimbursements.  In these situations, the individual's immediate supervisor must approve the expense report.

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Responsibility of the Authorized Signer

  • Individuals authorized to approve business expenditures for their designated cost center(s) have the primary responsibility for ensuring compliance with Accounts Payable and Purchasing policies.  In order to authorize an expense, signers must:
    • Attest that the purpose of the expense is valid and directly related to University Business.
    • Request further documentation or explanation of expenses that appear to be excessive or unusual.
    • Verify that the expenditure is charged to the proper cost center and expense account.  See Chart of Accounts for reference.
    • Include a full, legible approval signature on paperwork prior to submitting to Accounts Payable for processing.


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Research Grant Expenditures

  • All requests being paid from research grants should be forwarded to Academic Affairs for approval.  Academic Affairs will forward the requests to Accounts Payable for processing.  Questions on grants may be directed to Academic Affairs at extension 4569.

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