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University Drivers

Regent University has instituted a driving policy for all Regent personnel who travel on university business. Please review the policy for full details.

Camry Policy

Regent University maintains a Toyota Camry for use by the Regent University community. Authorization by a faculty advisor or department head is required for use and may be requested via phone, email or in person. Availability is on a first-come, first-served basis, and you must request the vehicle at least one week in advance. Please fill out the vehicle reservation form to reserve the Camry.

The car seats 4 to 5 people. Cost is $30 per day, plus you must return the vehicle with a full tank of gas. If you are using it for local driving (within a 30-mile radius), you will not need to pay the $30/day fee, but you will still need to return it with the gas tank topped off. Preference will be given for long-distance trip use. Confirmation for long-distance trips will be given at the time of the request; local trips will only be confirmed two business days prior to departure. Pick up and drop off the keys in ADM 116. To confirm, call 352.4442.

Drivers must have a satisfactory driving record to drive a Regent University vehicle. Administrative Services will be able to check your history with your signed authorization. Drivers and vehicles are covered under the university insurance policy while driving for Regent business. Proper licensure is required; please see driver's policy for full details.

If you receive a traffic ticket while driving a university vehicle, the fine is your responsibility.

See Driver History Authorization Form

See Accident Information Brochure

See Auto ID Card