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Policy for Schools/Departments/Centers/Student Organizations
Hosting Outside Groups:
"Regent-Hosted Outside Groups"

In an effort to maintain good relationships with certain outside groups, it is recognized that Regent University schools, departments, centers, or student organizations may desire to host these outside groups on the Regent campus using the Regent facility for the benefit of the outside group. This is acceptable if the relationship with the group also gives some benefit to Regent, such as student internships or new students.

In the case of student organizations, it is likely the student org itself is receiving benefit through the service experience, and it is acceptable for them to raise funds or goods for an orphanage, food bank, or other needy organization.

The school, department, center, or student organization may request permission to host the outside group, using the same procedures as Regent-sponsored events. For schools, departments, and centers, a Special Events Approval Form (SEAF) must be submitted to Academic Affairs. For student organizations, the Application for Special Event by Student Organization must be submitted to Office of Student Activities & Leadership.

A Regent event coordinator from the hosting department must be appointed to oversee the event, complete the appropriate special event/room reservation forms, and interface with the various Regent departments providing auxiliary services. The outside group will receive the benefit of no room rental fees, and for set-ups (tables, chairs, etc.) Regent rates will be charged. An invoice and facility use agreement will be initiated through the department of Administrative Services and should be signed by a representative of the outside group.

For event catering, Regent Ordinary has the first right of refusal for catering all on-campus events. Submit the Catering Request form; outside group menu rates will apply and tax will be charged. Secondarily, you may contact Founders Inn at 757.366.5807 or 757.366.5814; you will pay Founders Inn directly for all charges. All charges are due to Regent on or before the event date - no exceptions. At no time will the school, department, center, or student organization pay the charges for the event and then request reimbursement from the outside group.

Fees for Media Services equipment and support as well as restroom housekeeping and supplies will be charged for all Regent-hosted outside group events, whether passed on to the outside group or paid directly by the Regent school, department, center, or student organization.

Please consult the Quick-Glance Instructions for Regent-Hosted Outside Groups for the correct procedure.

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