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All Forms (alphabetical)

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A-Frame Request Form
Advancement Event Services
Campus Map

Cancel an Event Form
Catering Policy, Regent Events & Regent-Hosted Outside Group Events
Catering Procedure, Regent University Events

Catering Procedure, Regent-Hosted Outside Group Events
Catering Request Form
Check Request
COM Building General Room Request Form

Computer Lab Reservation Form
Copies (new form in progress)
Delivery Schedule & Bulletin Board Policy
Deliveries & Supplies Reservation
Equipment Request Form

Event Cancellation Form
Events Calendar
Expense Report
Facility Services Work Order
Film Screening Room Request Form

Filming - Production Permit Form
Job Request Form (Marketing Dept.)

Laptop Reservation Request
Liability Waiver Form - Daytime
Liability Waiver Form - Overnight
List of Event Contacts
List of Special Event Rooms
Media Production Lab Request Form
Post Production (Editing) Suite Request Form

Production Permit Form
Purchase Requisition
Quick-Glance Instructions for Regent-Hosted Outside Group Events
Quick-Glance Instructions for School/Dept./Center Events

Regent Task Force Request Form
Request for Police Service Form
Residence Hall: Common Area Reservation Request Form
Room Information (Media Services)
Room Reservation Form
Shipping Request form
Shuttle Request Form
Sign Template
Special Event Approval Form (SEAF)
Special Event Set-Up Form
Special Events Manual

Special Project Approval/Payment Authorization Form
Tax-Exempt Letter
Video/Film/Still Photos Request
Village Community Room Reservations
Visitor Parking Pass
Warehouse Club Card Request Form

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