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All Forms (alphabetical)

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A-Frame Request Form
Campus Map

Cancel an Event Form
Catering Policy, Regent Events & Regent-Hosted Outside Group Events
Catering Procedure, Regent University Events

Catering Procedure, Regent-Hosted Outside Group Events
Catering Request Form
Check Request
COM Building General Room Request Form

Computer Lab Reservation Form
Copies (new form in progress)
Delivery Schedule & Bulletin Board Policy
Deliveries & Supplies Reservation
Equipment Request Form

Event Cancellation Form
Events Calendar
Expense Report
Facility Services Work Order
Film Screening Room Request Form

Filming - Production Permit Form
Jackie's Flower Closet
Job Request Form (Marketing Dept.)

Laptop Reservation Request
Liability Waiver Form - Daytime
Liability Waiver Form - Overnight
List of Event Contacts
List of Special Event Rooms
Media Production Lab Request Form
Post Production (Editing) Suite Request Form

Production Permit Form
Purchase Requisition
Quick-Glance Instructions for Regent-Hosted Outside Group Events
Quick-Glance Instructions for School/Dept./Center Events

Regent Task Force Request Form
Request for Police Service Form
Residence Hall: Common Area Reservation Request Form
Room Information (Media Services)
Room Reservation Form
Student Alumni Ambassadors (SAA) Request Form
Shipping Request form
Shuttle Request Form
Sign Template
Special Event Approval Form (SEAF)
Special Event Set-Up Form
Special Events Manual

Special Project Approval/Payment Authorization Form
Tax-Exempt Letter
Video/Film/Still Photos Request
Village Community Room Reservations
Visitor Parking Pass
Warehouse Club Card Request Form

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