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All Purchasing Forms

Accident Information Brochure: For all Regent employees who travel on behalf of the university. (Accident Information Brochure)

Business Card Order Form: To order official Regent business cards for faculty or staff. (Business Card)

Catering Policy: Provides detailed information on the policy and procedures established by the university for on-campus catered events (Catering Policy)

Catering Procedures: Step-by-step procedural guidelines for event planners requesting catering services for special events. (Catering Procedures)

Catering Request Form: To request on-campus catering or food services. (Catering Request Form)

Check Request: To request a payment prior to receipt of a good or service. (Check Request)

Expense Report: For business expenses such as mileage, auto-rentals, lodging, meals and convention/seminar fees. (Expense Report)

Furnishings Request: To request furniture for office use. (Furnishings Request)

Insurance ID card: For all Regent employees who travel on behalf of the university. (Insurance ID Card)

Interdepartmental Deposit Ticket: To submit fees to the Business Office. (Interdepartmental Deposit Ticket)

Purchasing Card Cardholder Guide: Provides information on the policies and procedures of the Purchasing Card program. (Purchasing Card Cardholder Guide)

Purchasing Card Policy Evaluation:  An evaluation reviewing the policy & procedures of the Purchasing Card program. (Purchasing Card Cardholder Guide Evaluation)

Purchasing Card Application: To request a MasterCard credit-card. (Purchasing Card Application)

Purchasing Card Online Reconciliation Placemat: Complete instructions for online reconciliation and report-printing for the Purchasing Card program. (Cardholder's Placemat for Reconciliation)

Purchase Requisition: To request goods and services costing more than $1500. Copies of the form are available at Copy Services or through the online PDF form.

Tax-Exempt Letter: For vendors to verify tax-exempt status. (Tax-Exempt Letter)

Tax-Exempt Letter Addendum: New tax rules regarding Catering/Media (Tax Exempt Form)

Travel Request: To authorize business travel and request cash advances for related expenses. (Travel Request)

Warehouse Club Card Request Form: To request to borrow the Costco Card or the Sam's Club Card (Warehouse Club Card Request Form)


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