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Stationery and Business Card Policy

Departments who need to order specialized letterhead or envelopes may contact Jack Minks with Precision Printing at 757.545.3019. Generic letterhead and envelopes may be ordered from copy services at

View stationery and business card samples here.

Business cards for regular staff and faculty are ordered by and paid through their department. Business cards are not authorized for graduate assistants, fellows or student organizations.

Regent University business cards must follow standard formatting. Faculty and staff may list their educational degrees in chronological order (M.Div., Ph.D.). Business cards rarely include bachelor's degrees.

Format: John Doe, Ph.D., not Dr. John Doe.

Business card orders are processed every Friday. Please allow two weeks for printing and delivery.

Note: Job titles listed on business cards must read the same as what is on file with the human resources department. If a job title has changed, file the appropriate paperwork with human resources prior to submitting a business card order.

Pricing is as follows:

  • $40.00: 500 1-sided cards
  • $45.00: 500 2-sided cards
  • $65.00: 1000 1-sided cards 
  • $70.00: 1000 2-sided cards 

For questions, call Purchasing at 757.352.4006, or email

Click here for the Business Card order form.

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