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Tri-Fold & Folded Mailers

The fold should be at the bottom of the mail piece and sealed at the top. For a single sheet folded mailer the minimum basis paper weight is 28 lbs. (Copy Services has this paper in stock). If 20 lb. paper (normal copier paper) is used 2 seals must be used to seal mail piece.
Tabs, wafer seals, tape, or glue may be used to seal folded mail pieces.

Never use a staple to seal a folded mail piece!

A return address must be printed in the upper left-hand corner of the mail piece. If sending as a bulk mailing an indicia should also be placed on the mail piece.

If printing on both sides of the mail piece or sending folded mail piece as a bulk mailing please contact Mail Services. We can mail merge your return address, addresses your mailing to, and the indicia on the mail piece.

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