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Shipping Requests

Regent University Mail Services has upgraded its Mail Processing Equipment. Along with the upgrade of the equipment is a new Shipping Request Form program. The new program will be comprehensive and allow the Regent University community to have greater flexibility in their mailing requirements.

Each user will have the opportunity to save their "Ship From" information to eliminate retyping of the same user information for subsequent shipments. Additionally, the program will allow the user to save "Ship To" addresses and will allow the building of an address book. The address book also has address import capabilities. This will eliminate the user from having to retype the address if something is being sent to a previous addressee. The user will simply point/click the saved address and the "Ship To" portion of the form will automatically be populated. The program can also validate the address.

Another feature of the program is "Smart Shop." Smart Shop will show the user to see the various modes of shipping available and associated costs. It will also show additional fees and if available, estimated time of delivery.

Once the Shipping Request form is complete, a dialog box will open to allow for quick printing. The shipping form will print out the "Ship From/Ship To" information along with a barcode. The barcode will allow Mail Services to populate all the information with a single scan eliminating costly input errors by Mail Services personnel.

By implementing this program into our community, we are attempting to minimize input redundancy, reduce costly input errors and provide better stewardship of valuable resources. We look forward to your comments on this new program. Comments can be sent to Jon Bailey at or Peter Gustafson at

New users of the system will need the activation token which is: du
Access the new Shipping Request Form HERE.