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New Postal automation equipments is capable of processing flat-size mail at a rate of over 17,000 pieces per hour! This high speed processing not only helps to hold down postal operating costs and consequently postage rates, it also enables consistency in on-time mail delivery. High readability of barcode and address information is a critical component for success. Please use the following recommendations to ensure accurate and efficient processing of your mail.


  • Each flat-sized piece must be rectangular and:
    • For height, no more than 12 inches and no less than 5 inches high.
    • For length, no more than 15 inches and no less than 6 inches long.
    • For thickness, no more than 0.75 inch and no loess than 0.009 inch thick.
  • Avoid skew (less than 5 degrees off the horizontal or vertical axis).
  • To facilitate Postal Service delivery operations, the preferred delivery address block location is in the lower right hand quadrant.
  • Refer to Diagram 1A for preferred address placement:

Use 10-12 point font size and avoid narrow type and script fonts. The following Microsoft Windows™ fonts read very well:

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