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Authorization for Food in Classroom

Regent University policy states that no food is allowed in university classrooms. The only drinks that are allowed are those in a container with a tight-fitting lid.

Groups needing rooms for meals should contact the Regent Ordinary first at 352.4924 to reserve the Private Dining Room, Fountain View Room or Ordinary Balcony.

If an event coordinator, professor or, in the case of a student organization, the head of the organization, is willing to take responsibility for the cleanliness of a classroom, a meal will be allowed. Breakfast items (muffins/danish), boxed lunches (sandwiches/wraps), pizza and small non-messy snacks such as pretzels, trail mix, nuts or candy constitute the only food allowed inside the university classrooms. Drinks are still limited to those that are in a closed container with a tight-fitting lid.

Ice cream, cake, pasta, three-course meals, and all other foods are strictly prohibited.

Please email with any requests for food in classrooms. Information required includes date of event, person responsible for the cleanliness of the room, his/her contact information, type of food being served, building and room number. Each request will be considered and confirmed or denied by the housekeeping supervisor. After you have received the authorization and Food in Classroom Form via email, please complete the form and forward it to Administrative Services.

Requesting groups are responsible for clean-up of the room after each event. Trash must be taken out to the dumpsters at each building; a trash can will be provided for this purpose. Put the empty trash can in the hallway at the conclusion of the event. Tables, chairs and floor must be free of trash and crumbs. Any spills on the carpeting must be reported to 352.4445. In rooms with a tile floor, a mop and bucket are provided.

If Facility Services has to do any additional cleaning, the group responsible for the reservation will be assessed a housekeeping fee of $15 per man hour, with a minimum fee of $50 for each offense.

The schools, departments and student organizations are responsible for the day-to-day condition of the classrooms and general rooms used.

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