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Business Card Order Form

After reviewing our Business Card Policy, fill out the order form below with your personal information and click the "Submit" button to preview your business card. Please proof all information very carefully as this information will be sent to an outside printer. If you do find a typing error, you may click the "Back" button in your browser to make corrections. Once complete, print a copy of the order form and have it signed by a cost center manager. Please send the signed form to Purchasing in ADM 116.

There are 2 layout options available for business card orders. You may order a 1-sided card that will include your contact information, or you may order a 2-sided card that will include your contact information on the front side and the university's revised mission statement on the back of the card (see example below).

Note: All business card job titles must be the same as what is on file with the human resources department. If your position has changed, please file the appropriate paperwork with human resources prior to submitting an order for business cards.


Front of Business Card Sample   Back of Business Card Sample
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For any questions, call Purchasing at ext. 4006.

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Business Card Request

  1. Virginia Beach, VA
    Washington, D.C.

  2. Toll Free Number
    Cell Phone Number

  3. 500 1-sided cards ($40)
    500 2-sided cards ($45)
    1,000 1-sided cards ($65)
    1,000 2-sided cards ($70)

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