Quality Enhancement Plan

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Explanation of the Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) Model

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The goal of Regent's RU Global campaign is to increase the global competence of our students. But why? And what does that mean?

To be successful in this global environment, Regent graduates must be able to demonstrate global awareness, ethical commitments to individual and social responsibility, and intercultural competency. Hence, curriculum and programs at Regent will be designed to prepare our students for intercultural effectiveness in national and international settings. Students will interact with professors who have global experiences and mindsets; they will have opportunities for short-term study abroad or participation in global conferences; and they will experience an increase in knowledge and insight of global application of values-based principles related to their discipline.

There are three stated objectives that will allow us to achieve the goal of increased global competence of our students:

QEP Objective #1: Increase global learning in academic programs (curriculum).
More globally focused educational activities will be developed, implemented and assessed, i.e., global competencies will be incorporated into the general education curriculum.

QEP Objective #2: Enhance faculty expertise in global teaching and learning
Regent's faculty will continue to gain global understandings of their discipline through teaching, research and service. Regent's Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) will continue to design programs and training for faculty, such as collaborative roundtables where faculty discuss issues related to global learning and share best practices, and the year-long Teacher Scholar program that provides advanced information and hands-on activities for faculty to enhance their instructional practice. Regent professors will also conduct research with professors from universities outside the United States, present at global conferences and interact with students from other countries.

QEP Objective #3: Become a leading resource in Christ-centered global learning
Because the field is growing rapidly, there is a need for additional scholarly research in global teaching and learning. Regent supports this effort in a variety of ways. The University Library is currently analyzing the university's collection and identifying new resources and service models in order to provide information service support on topics related to global competence. Other initiatives to support and promote scholarly research include earmarking a portion of the annual faculty grant fund for proposals that address research in global competence, redesigning CTL's Showcase of Innovations to focus on advancements and best practices in global teaching and learning, hosting a Global Learning Symposium, and publishing the Symposium proceedings in an online format for access throughout the world.

Student Learning Outcomes
Globally competent students are identified by certain characteristics. They have a diverse and knowledgeable worldview; they comprehend the global dimensions of their chosen fields; they communicate effectively across cultural and linguistic boundaries; they demonstrate cultural awareness and adaptability; and, they carry their global competencies throughout life.

Regent University has established four distinct student learning outcomes for our QEP:

SEE. Global perspective – Students will have as part of their general knowledge and academic specialization a comparative understanding of the world's societies and nations. For example, students will be able to identify and analyze prevailing world social, cultural, religious and political conditions and trends, and their impact on theory and professional practice.

CONNECT. Intercultural engagement – Students will be able to communicate effectively across cultural and linguistic boundaries. An example would be the student's understanding of communication patterns of different world cultures.

LEARN. Information literacy – Students will be able to identify, evaluate and use information from a global perspective. For example, a globally competent Regent student will be able to determine whether new knowledge has an impact on one's value system and take steps to reconcile differences.

LEAD. Global leadership – Students will embrace a Christ-like attitude to positively impact the global community. For example, Regent students will recognize the impact of global issues on individual lives and believe that individual and collaborative action can influence the world.

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