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"Lifelong Learning has the potential to transform lives, uplift society and resist the course of destiny.”
~ T.D. Jakes

More About the T.D. Jakes School of Leadership

With the credo, “Higher Learning for a Higher Purpose,” The T.D. Jakes School of Leadership gives leaders the craftsman’s tools to shape or redesign their own destinies.

The T.D. Jakes School of Leadership consists of three areas for professional and leadership development:

1. Online Certificate Programs

2. Leadership Institute

3. Online Leadership Resources


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Mission: To provide lifelong learning for enterprising leaders

Vision: To create a community of learning for inspired, innovative, forward thinking leaders

Core Values: 

  • Excellence 

We will challenge ourselves to constantly strive for outcomes that are exemplary to our community of learners and leaders in their growth and development. 

  • Effectiveness

We will seek to be effective and efficient in our delivery of world-class educational services and resources for those who invest their time, talent and resources to seek higher learning opportunities. 

  • Innovation 

We will remain cutting-edge in our thinking and use of technology to provide relevant certificate programs and resources to inspire, challenge and grow our students.

  • Impact

We will commit to expand learning and growth opportunities in ways that create sustainable and transformational change.


Certificate Programs:
We offer certificate and master certificate programs in leading fields such as business, technology, health care, legal and ministry.
Certificate Programs - are specifically designed for the success of adult learners, whether workforce professionals, entrepreneurs or executive business leaders.
Our professional certificate programs feature:

  • Online courses
  • Classes that start every 5 or 6 weeks
  • Affordable and convenient pricing structure

Master Certificate Program - offers leaders an opportunity to gain advanced, in-depth knowledge of a specific subject matter.

Leadership Institutes:

The Leadership Institutes serve as an intensive leadership development program designed to address specific needs for leaders at varying levels and contexts. From seasoned executives to new and emerging leaders, The Leadership Institutes bring together individuals for a dynamic experience to equip them to be effective and to realize their full leadership potential.

Offered throughout the year, each leadership institute is held online in small cohort settings and conclude with a live two-day forum. At the institutes, individuals are able to engage other experienced leadership mentors and professional coaches in a range of assessment and development sessions designed to transform behavior and increase personal efficacy. Choose from six leadership institutes listed below to determine the program best suited for you or your executive leadership team.

1. Women Leadership Institute

Women often possess natural abilities to lead yet may find themselves being less effective in senior levels of leadership. Attributing a lack of opportunity or recognition to external factors is usually not the reason for limited success in leadership-- even for women. Instead, leadership opportunities are abundant to those who understand the difference between effectual and ineffectual leadership. The Women’s Leadership Institute offers a revealing perspective about the perceptions and habits that result in unsuccessful leadership practice while providing intensive sessions to refine effective leadership behaviors and competencies.

Ideal Program for: Woman who are new to leadership roles or those experiencing glass-ceiling effects in attempting to lead at senior levels.

2. Emerging Leadership Institute

A growing number of professionals are being thrust into positions of leadership to fill the succession gaps of a retiring workforce. Without leadership development, coaching and mentoring, these new leaders are left with a challenging transition from management to senior organizational roles. The Emerging Leaders Institute is designed to unleash the potential within every new and aspirational leader by providing practical insight, tools and understanding to ensure greater effectiveness in navigating the complexities of organizational leadership.

Ideal Program for: New Leaders, mid-level managers looking to advance into senior leadership roles

3. Global Leadership Institute

The dynamics of global organizations today call for leaders to balance and contend with the challenges of change and complexity while working in diverse cultural environments. To be effective in multiple cultures, leaders need a broad repertoire of behaviors and the innate wisdom to apply those behaviors in ways that advance their organizations goals while also satisfying potential competing priorities of a host culture. The Global Leaders Institute provides an in-depth assessment, leadership intensives and experiential learning to further equip leaders to be more effective in global practice.

Ideal Program for: New leaders, mid-level managers looking to advance into senior leadership roles

4. Urban Leadership Institute

With an increased number of people living in urban centers around the world, the need exists to develop leaders who can holistically understand the range of challenges urban cities face from poverty, social and economic disparity to diversity, development and spiritual renewal. The Urban Leadership Institute is a unique program designed to bring the power of the spiritual formation with proven leadership techniques that will transform, equip and empower leaders to effectively engage their communities and partners to bring sustainable renewal and development.

Ideal Program for: Business, Community, Ministry and Government and Non-profit leaders seeking to make a sustainable impact toward renewal and development of urban centers

5. Leadership Sanctuary (renewed, refreshed and restored)

The Leadership Sanctuary is a special offering reserved for leaders across business, government and non-profit organizations that need a place for restoration and refuge. With customized programs, leaders are matched with personal coaches with the experience and understanding to assess root challenges in leadership efficacy and introduce new insight toward life-balance for meaningful, personal leadership transformation.
Ideal Program for: Experienced leaders facing excessive change, personal challenges or burnout

Online Resources:

Legacy Lecture Series

The goal of the Legacy Lecture Speaker Series is to connect professionals with truly successful and ethical leaders.  The legacy series will feature advocates in education, business, humanitarian service, and political/activist fields.  Speakers are asked to highlight both the personal and professional accomplishments that have shaped his or her leadership philosophy. 



If you have any questions, please contact Regent University Professional and Continuing Education at or +1 757.352.4650.