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Regent Global Education Center

RGEC is a registered establishment of Regent University in South Africa, developing local capacity for Education and Learning programs, Leadership Development and Leadership Development Networks, on, for and from the African continent. In so doing, we provide:

  • Short Certificate Programs in various disciplines (Leadership, Management, Counseling, Education, Theology, Government, Communication, etc.)
  • Online Post-Graduate Programs through the Regent School of Business and Leadership
  • Exchange programs between South Africa, and students and lecturers globally (ie. from the USA, France and Israel)
  • Contract Learning Programs for organizations (Employee development, Strategic planning, Director Development, coaching and consulting)
  • Educational Outreach to students in Africa, through the Incubator Fund, who cannot afford education and training

We hope to be an inter-dependent South African Regent Global Centre by 2014, serving the African continent with high quality Education, Training, Leadership Development and Global exchange programs advancing personal, organizational and governmental transformation.

Our values are fundamentally founded upon Judeo-Christian beliefs as explained in the Holy Bible. This is expressed through a values-based culture, in particular love and humility. We seek true empowerment and a genuine sensitivity to the uniqueness of the African context and culture. We strive toward excellence in what we do, and to display innovation in our approach to processes, products and problems. We aim to deliver inclusive and affordable programs, and at the same time display emphasis on quality and stewardship.

Regent University

RGEC is a registered branch of Regent University ( ) incorporated in South Africa. As a Higher Education Academic Centre it aims to further the mission of Christian Leadership to Change the World. The Centre furthers its relationship with the different Schools at Regent University, and as needs are identified, and addressed in a sustainable manner, these Schools get involved through.

Operationally RGEC, connects with Professional and Continuing Education ( ) to unite in a unique online operational business model. RGEC develops and manages Non-Credit programs in South Africa for PCE, participates in Government and Corporate Tenders and markets widely to introduce all PCE programs to the Southern African market.

RGEC has also developed a support structure to the local students of the School of Business and Leadership ( . Although these Academic programs and tuition is fully online, these students receive non-academic administrative, process and network support through the RGEC office.


Office of Global Affairs

Through the Office of Global Affairs (OGA), Regent University is committed to helping our students, faculty and staff achieve a high level of global competence.

This global challenge is not new for Regent whose motto is Christian Leadership to Change the World. As a response to the global demands of our time, Regent has a dedicated Office of Global Affairs, located on campus, working to extend our global outreach.

With partners like the international ministries of CBN, WorldReach, Operation Blessing International and other partnerships developed throughout the years, Regent has a vast amount of resources and opportunities to take part in global enterprises. From academics in the classroom, study abroad programs, international internships and research to hands-on service outreaches around the globe, Regent is equipping Christian leaders to make an impact throughout the world. RGEC co-laborates with OGA to shape and implement these programs with the Executive Director.



Regent University is a leading center of Christian thought and action. Driven by our commitment to global influence from a biblical perspective, our degree programs have been equipping capable leaders to change the world for 35 years.

In the USA, Regent's academic standards are exceptional--one reason Regent is ranked a Top 10 Best in Online Bachelor's Education by U.S. News & World Report, ranks #1 online for MBA Faculty Credentials & Training, is #4 in Online Programs for Veterans, and is highly ranked overall in online business and graduate education programs. Regent University is also recognized nationally as one of only 21 universities in the U.S. to receive an "A" rating by ACTA. We offer more than 50 fully accredited college programs both on campus and online through our College of Arts & Sciences and our seven graduate schools. Together, our faculty--comprised of nationally recognized authors, speakers and scholars--as well as our students and administrators share a calling to make a significant difference in our communities, our cities, our nations and our world.

In South Africa, RGEC has submitted an application with both the Department of Higher Education and Training, and the Council for Higher Education (CHE) in South Africa. The CHE has executive responsibility for quality assurance and promotion and discharges this responsibility through the establishment of a permanent committee (as required by the Higher Education Act), the Higher Education Quality Committee (HEQC) -
Technology has made it possible for students studying from Africa to complete an Academic Degree from Regent University.

Students can also apply for Scholarships or Financial Assistance through RGEC, which assistance is given to students meritoriously through evaluating each application.
From 2009 to 2013, more than 100 South African students studying through the School of Business and Leadership received deep-discounted tuition rates from the University, proving our investment into Africa. In total, these amounts will calculate to around R 35 000 000- directly in support to South African students between 2009 and 2013.