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Program Quick Facts

Available Online or On Campus

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Dates TBD

Indivivdual Course: 0.1 CEUs
Total: 0.6 CEUs

Total: $149

Regent University Campus
Divinity Building Room 177

Time: 6pm to 7pm each session

This certificate is available for continuing education units (CEUs) and is not available for academic credit.

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LLP001 - Personal Finance Planning 101: Basic Foundations


New Dates TBD

An introduction on relevant areas of personal finance is presented in this program, including managing debt and credit, strategies for saving, navigating taxes and insurance needs, and planning ahead for retirement.

Short Course Description:

Students are taken step-by-step through a process of organizing their own personal finances and then evaluating their current situation in light of their personal financial goals. An introduction to relevant areas of personal finance is also presented, including managing debt and credit, strategies for saving, navigating taxes and insurance needs, plus planning ahead for retirement. Students are provided tools and information to manage regular life income and expenses.

This short course serves as a prerequisite for more intermediate programs currently in consideration for a Personal Financial Planning track, such Personal Investment Management Basics, Retirement Account Basics, or Introduction to Personal Taxes and Strategies.

Educational Objectives:

  • Identify your specific personal financial goals
  • Create a Personal Spending Plan and identify opportunities for improvement
  • Organize sources of debt and coordinate these into your Personal Spending Plan
  • Obtain, understand and assess your Credit Report
  • Acquire helpful measuring tools to analyze your spending and saving
  • Implement a plan for building personal savings


Who Should Attend:

This program targets adult learners seeking the beginning, foundational steps of managing personal finances. It is suitable for college students, married couples, single adults, international adults, or senior adults and anyone who desires to know the basics on personal finance.

This short course includes these sessions:

  • Session I - Introduction to Personal Finance
    In this session, students will begin with an overview of primary financial categories. They will then consider cultural entrapments that often arise with finances while also discussing and setting personal financial goals.
  • Session II - Developing Your Budget
    Here, participants will dive into the details of creating a personalized budget. Beginning with a look at what a budget is (and is not), students will then analyze the components of a spending plan and receive budget-taming strategies to help make their intentions stick.
  • Session III - Managing Debt, Building Credit, and Making Smart Purchases
    This session will help students understand and take charge of their debt, their credit, and the relationship between the two. Armed with this knowledge, students will then work through the decision process necessary for making smart, big-ticket purchases.
  • Session IV - Savings and Investing
    In this session, participants will learn methods for saving and investing their resources in ways that maximize financial flourishing. From emergency funds to long-term savings to stocks and bonds--this class demystifies financial jargon so students can put such processes to work for them.
  • Session V - Insurance and Taxes
    This session lays out the specifics of all things insurance. Here, students will acquire strategies for coordinating their savings with hidden insurance hazards, determining their need for life insurance, and navigating through the in’s and out’s of taxes.
  • Session VI - Retirement and Estate
    In closing, students will engage with teachings on retirement and estate. Topics including Biblical perspectives, retirement purpose, early savings, and strategies for wealth transitions will all be explored.

Short Course Price:

Total: $149

CEs & CEUs:

Individual Session: 1 CE | 0.1 CEUs
Total: 6 CEs | 0.6 CEUs


6pm to 7pm each session  

Program Schedule:

  • Session I - Introduction to Personal Finance
    Wednesday - March 26 | 6pm to 7pm
  • Session II - Developing Your Budget
    Wednesday - April 2 | 6pm to 7pm
  • Session III - Managing Debt, Building Credit, and Making Smart Purchases
    Wednesday - April 9 | 6pm to 7pm
  • Session IV - Savings and Investing
    Wednesday - April 16 | 6pm to 7pm
  • Session V - Insurance and Taxes
    Wednesday - April 23 | 6pm to 7pm
  • Session VI - Retirement and Estate
    Wednesday - April 30 | 6pm to 7pm

Discover the Regent Difference

Unlike other financial programs, this course makes available intuitive information about budgeting, managing debt and making smart choices from the perspective of a certified financial planner. For six one-hour sessions, you can bring order to your financial portfolio. You will gain an in-depth look about your personal finances at a value price incomparable anywhere else.


Kirstin L. Hark, CFP®, is the Senior Advisor, Senior Investment Manager, CIO and COO of Tull Financial Group, Inc. She is involved in ongoing investment research, economic trends and government policies. As the "Senior Advisor" of the firm, Kirstin is often involved with client meetings to evaluate portfolios, provide economic updates and recommend changes as needed. She also collaborates with other staff members on broader financial planning goals for clients through research and analysis.