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Certificate Programs (check all that apply)

Accounting and Financial Management for Non-Financial Managers Certificate

Church Media Certificate

Campaign Management Certificate

Digital Media
This course is designed to update professionals about the emerging and new technologies in media. Participants will learn advanced practice and techniques in digital media, social media and web design with the latest software technology.

Educational Administration Certificate

Entrepreneurship Certificate
This course is a must for new and aspiring entrepreneurs. Designed for entrepreneurs who need a practical understanding of the process to successfully developing and launching a new business concept or service, in this course, entrepreneurs will learn the keys to success from market assessment, concept development, and business plan development to securing capital, budget and financial management, web-based marketing and advertising, managing human resources and refining operations and service delivery.

Financial Management Certificate

Franchise Management Certificate

Future Lean/Six Sigma Certificate:
Yellow Belt Certificate | Date to be Determined

Future Lean/Six Sigma Certificates:
Green Belt Certificate | Date to be Determined

Future Lean/Six Sigma Certificate:
Master Black Belt Certificate | Date to be Determined

Future Lean/Six Sigma Certificate:
Champion Belt Certificate | Date to be Determined

Future Lean/Six Sigma Certificate:
Design for Six Sigma Certificate | Date to be Determined

Global Justice Certificate

Global Leadership Certificate

Healthcare Management Certificate

Homeland Security Certificate

High Performance Sales Certificate

Hospitality Management Certificate

Human Resource Management Certificate

Leadership, Mentoring and Coaching Certificate

Lean/Six Sigma - Black Belt Certificate
This is an ideal course for individuals looking to gain greater knowledge and ability to improve quality, and increase production by eliminating wasteful activity. During this training program students will learn to achieve, sustain, and maximize business success. Sessions will provide current techniques and practice in the areas of closely understanding customer needs, disciplined use of facts, data, statistical analysis, and diligent attention to managing, improving, and reinventing business processes. At the same time the instructor will teach participants how to eliminate defects (errors), overproduction, transportation, waiting, inventory, motion and over processing.

MBA-Basics Certificate

Ministering Spiritual Gifts

Non-Profit Management Certificate

Pastoral Counseling Certificate

Paralegal Studies Certificate

Project Management Certificate

Public Sector Management Certificate
This is an ideal course for individuals looking to gain greater knowledge and ability to effectively lead and manage in government service. Participants will benefit from sessions that provide current techniques and practice in the areas of leadership and change management; personnel management and coaching a diverse workforce for performance; budget management and program evaluation; strategic planning and organizational value; along with other current topics in public sector management/public administration.

Sustainability and Environmental Management Certificate

Teaching English as a Foreign Language Certificate

Teaching in the Online Envronment Certificate

Trauma Counseling Certificate

Venture Philanthropy Certificate

World-Class Consulting Certificate

Worship Leadership Certificate


Leadership Institutes: (Check all that apply)

Emerging Leaders Institute:

Global Leaders Institute:

International Collegiate Leadership Institute:

International Youth Leadership Institute:

Leadership Sanctuary:

Pastoral Leadership Institute

Urban Leadership Institute:

Women's Leadership Institute:

The Leadership Sanctuary is a special offering for seasoned or executive leaders. This five-day intensive offering provides leaders across business, government, churches and nonprofit sectors who need a place for restoration and renewal. With customized programs, leaders will be assigned personal coaches with the experience and understanding to assess root challenges in personal leadership efficacy and introduce new insight toward meaningful transformation.

June 2013


Summer Programs: (Check all that apply)

Digital Photography for Students Summer Camp

English as a Second Language and Cultural Immersion Institute:

International Leadership Institute

Bricks 4 Kidz LEGO® Summer Camp


Other Seminars and Short Courses (check all that apply)

Advanced Strategies for Effective Exec. Leadership

Continuing Legal Education

Developing World-Class Human Talent

Effective Teaching in the Online Environment


Exceptional Service as a Performance Strategy

Financial Independence Short Course
According to the Wall Street Journal 70% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck regardless of income. One missed check and bills go unpaid. The effect is stress that deeply touches every area of our lives. Three-Five-Seven is a financial wellness program designed to teach participants how to live free from debt and reach financial independence. Through three areas of focus, five principles, and seven baby steps graduates learn how to gain control of their finances, beat debt, and win with money. Three-Five-Seven covers age-old principles and timeless truths, NOT the hottest new investment tip or get rich quick scheme.

This course systematically breaks down seemingly complex financial principles into real life, actionable steps. You will learn how to save, cash-flow plan, principles of investment, and how to create a road map for your own financial independence.
Graduates gain a clear, relaxed and defined relationship with their money. January 2013

Genealogy and Family Tree Research

High Impact Decision Making

Library Science and Management

Managing Workplace Communication

Library Science and Management

Leadership Is All About People

Managing Conflict in the Workplace

Navigating Organizational Dynamics

Personal Finance and Estate Planning
Retirement, Budget Planning and Management
Spring 2013
Seminar and Workshop

Technology and Your Organization's Future

Social Networking and Web Basics for Seniors
Facebook, Email and Other Web-Based Media
Seminar and Workshop

You will benefit from this seminar by learning about:
:: Windows Shortcuts (Keystrokes that improve productivity)
:: Overview of the Web - What’s out there
:: Useful links and helpful sites
:: Overview of Social Media
:: Overview of MS Word, Email & Graphics Tools
:: Creating and Managing a Facebook Account
:: Profile Settings
:: Requesting, Accepting and Removing Friends
:: Sending and Receiving Messages
:: Planning, Creating and Inviting Friends using Events
:: Photos and Graphics
:: Understanding Folder Structures in a Windows environment
:: Cropping, Reducing Red-Eye, Changing Brightness of Photos
:: Uploading Photos to Social Media Sites
:: What tools are available to manage photos
:: Putting it all together
:: Basics of Microsoft Word
:: Email Tips and Tricks
:: Setting up a web-based email account
:: Streamlining your life to one email tool
:: Attaching Files to emails
:: A Look at the Google Tools
:: Google Calendar
:: Google Docs
:: YouTube

The Secret Kingdom for Educators: Keys to Effective Leadership for Educators
Based on the newly released publication, The Secret Kingdom for Educators, this seminar series is a must for educators and administration leaders. Using the principles from immutable laws, educators who successfully apply these principles will be more effective at leading and fostering an environment that produces results for learning and development.


Web Basics for Seniors