Getting Started

Eight Easy Steps: Choose the CE Opportunity that Fits Your Needs

Getting Started - 8 Easy Steps
  1. The School of Psychology & Counseling (SPC) continuing education (CE) process begins with the CE homepage. There you will find highlighted workshops and the newest courses being offered.
  1. The Courses page will provide you with a current list of all online SPC continuing education courses. The Workshops page will provide you with a current list of all SPC continuing education workshops. You can select a course or workshop title to find out more about the course or workshop and the presenter. Click on one of the Register buttons to continue.
  1. You will see the CE Registration Form. Once you have completed this form, click the Continue button at the bottom of the page.

  2. You will be asked if you have a promotion code. If you were provided a promotion code, please select "Yes" and and enter the code. If not, please select "No".

  3. You will now be asked to create a username and password. We encourage you to write down your username and password for future reference. You must create a new username for each course or workshop in which you are registered. Once you have completed this process, click the Continue button at the bottom of the page.

  4. Complete the information required on the CE payment page. You will be asked to provide a credit card number and expiration date or the information for an electronic transfer using an echeck. Once you have provided this information, click the Continue button at the bottom of the page.

  5. You have reached the CE course or CE Workshop page. You will be provided with information regarding the presenter and course details.

    For online courses - Click on View Course to get started. You will be directed to a launch page. Follow the simple directions there to begin the course. You have 30 days from the day you register to complete the course and pass the CE quiz associated with the course.

    For Workshops - Attend your workshop. Wait 10 business days after your workshop to log in to the SPC CE website, complete the workshop evaluation and print your certificate. Workshop participants will maintain access until 30 days after the workshop.

  6. Once you have completed the course you will be directed to take a CE quiz based on the course content. If you were not successful in your first attempt with the quiz, we encourage you to review the material and take the quiz again. Successful completion of this quiz will result in you receiving a CE Certificate for your course. Workshop participants will be able to print their certificate 10 business days after completing a workshop.

  7. Print your CE Certificate. Thank you for choosing SPC's continuing education program. We look forward to providing you with even more quality courses in the future.