Frequently Asked Questions

What does "Take 2"refer to?

The name "Take 2" is a reference to early disciples being sent out in pairs (Mark 6:7).

Why is Regent University leading this initiative?

Regent University's Board of Trustees believes it is essential to our mission of training Christian leaders to change the world that we promote cross-cultural and cross-racial understanding to prepare our graduates to function in a multicultural work force, and to cultivate those leadership skills that are essential in the 21st century.

Is Take 2 only for undergraduate students?

The program focuses on the critical need for undergraduate degree completion—especially for Latino and African-American men. However, if a partner would like to fund one or both of their two students at the graduate level, that request will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

How is Take 2 funded?

Take 2 is a matching grant model that connects colleges and universities with partnering churches, ministries, organizations and businesses.

What are the responsibilities of a Take 2 partner?

A Take 2 partner is not only a donor, but a whole community that will surround the students within a supportive climate of success. This community is part of the support structure that will help ensure the sponsored students complete their college degrees.

Is the partnership organization involved in the mentoring and leadership pieces of the program?

All Take 2 scholars will participate in a mentoring program that will help equip, nurture and develop them in the areas of social involvement, academic success, leadership development, spiritual development and service. All partnering institutions will participate in the mentoring process to ensure program success.

Is there a minimum number of students an organization can sponsor?

Participating institutions must sponsor a minimum of two students and be active in the selection, mentoring, nurturing and general support for these students. More students may be sponsored, but always in pairs.

What is the partner's financial commitment?

The partner's annual financial commitment plus the university match will enable the two students' tuition and fees to be covered in full. These costs include tuition, on-campus housing, technology fee, academic services fee, Regent University Council of Students fee and parking fees. Students in the School of Communication & the Arts or other schools may be subject to additional fees.

The partner's commitment is based on the students' remaining need after all other scholarship programs have been applied to the students' university charges. The partner's commitment is for four years for undergraduate students and three years for graduate students. Partners have the option to make an annual payment or two installment payments per academic year.

Is there a tax benefit to the partner organization?

The partner organization may receive a philanthropic tax benefit depending on the level of participation in the selection process. Contributions to the general operating/scholarship fund are tax deductible.

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