Promoting Scholarship, Mentoring and Leadership
to Help Students Succeed

Latino and African-American men have the lowest college-going and graduation rates of any group in America. Take 2 Through College is aimed at changing that. While Take 2 is open to any student with leadership potential, we are asking our partners to help us identify the next generation of men of color to bring their leadership to our campus, our community, and our world.

This innovative scholarship, mentorship and leadership program provides support for students who have faced and overcome challenges and have extraordinary leadership potential and desire to pursue a degree from Regent University.

Take 2 holds the potential to become a national model that will benefit generations to come as it prepares graduates to attain key positions in the workforce.

How Take 2 Works

  • The Take 2 Through College Scholarship is a collaboration between partnering churches or organizations and Regent University.
  • Each partner provides up to 50 percent tuition, fees and housing (when applicable) for two undergraduate students (or more, as long as they are in pairs), and Regent will match funds to ensure full coverage for a year of undergraduate study at Regent University. Take 2 is primarily designed for high school students, and priority consideration is given to undergraduate students. However, graduate students may be eligible for this program on a case-by-case basis.
  • This award is renewable up to a maximum of four years when scholarship conditions are met. Exceptions for graduate students may apply.
  • Partners encourage student success throughout their studies through mentoring relationships. By surrounding the students within a "can-do" climate, these partners turn the tide of degree completion.

We invite you to read through the Take 2 site to learn how you can collaborate with Regent through partnership, financial support or by nominating a student.

Please contact program director Dr. Marcela Chavan-Matviuk to learn more: or 757.352.4760.

The Take 2 Priorities

Identify and Fund
Once outstanding scholars are identified, 100 percent of the funding necessary for their degrees is secured through financial aid and the Take 2 scholarship.*

Learn and Engage
Through the integration of faith and learning, Regent trains these principled students to become leaders. Take 2 scholars are called to excel academically and develop transformative character.

Connect and Support
Students are linked to peer, faculty and community mentors throughout their college experience. These meaningful times are designed to promote godly confidence, leadership and service, leading to academic success and expansive vision to transform the world.

Inspire and Strengthen
Take 2 scholars also serve as mentors and role models, learning early the power of servant leadership and giving to others.

Lead, Serve and Transform
Take 2 scholars are called to lead and serve their communities to bring about transformation through Christian thought and action.

*Take 2 Through College is not gender restricted.

"One thing I really love about Regent is that I'm being given opportunities to develop my purpose and talents in ways that give God glory."


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