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Study Abroad Application & Forms

The Office of Graduate Administration will oversee all International Study Abroad Program here at Regent University.

  • Graduate Administration may be contacted for any questions you may have during the application process. Our office is located in the Administration building, room 224, or you may email Judi Francis at for assistance.
  • The Office of Graduate Administration will need all application forms, emergency contact information, itineraries etc. emailed to prior to the scheduled trip. This will be used in the case of an emergency while traveling.
  • The Office of Graduate Administration will manage the travel/medical insurance piece for each traveler on a scheduled study abroad trip.
  • The Office of Graduate Administration will contact all necessary Regent personal needing to be made aware when and where a trip will be taking place prior to the departure date.
  • The Office of Graduate Administration will answer all questions related to starting the approval process for any proposed trip.
  • The Office of Graduate Administration has prepared all documents, forms and manuals necessary to be begin the approval process for a study abroad trip.
  • The Office of Graduate Administration has formulated a Travel Abroad Crises Management Manual which is extremely useful in planning and carrying out your study abroad program. This manual has specific crisis response procedures intended to guide staff in responding to a crisis, such as the illness or death of a student or faculty and other traumatic events which can affect the study abroad program. These procedures are intended to be time-sensitive, problem-focused interventions designed to identify and resolve the crisis, restore equilibrium, and support productive responses.

You will find on this web page the steps and forms necessary to submit a proposal for approval of a Study Abroad program.

Steps to submitting a proposal for approval

  • Faculty must complete a study abroad application with full support of their dean. The application is set up as an Excel file to capture all financial information necessary for the Office of Graduate Administration to determine approval.
  • Submit the application to the Office of Graduate Administration with supporting documentation and vendor quotes for budget approval.
  • The Office of Graduate Administration will review your proposal, make necessary recommendations and sign when approved.
  • Application is then submitted to the Office of the Executive Vice President for final approval.
  • All student applications, emergency contacts, itinerary and release forms must be forwarded to in The Office of Graduate Administration for review.
  • Once a trip has been approved, faculty must also submit an International Travel request and receive appropriate approval from this department.

Below is a list of forms associated with faculty led study abroad programs:

International Travel Request Please submit no later than four weeks in advance of your international travel departure date.

International travel (to represent the university in any official capacity) must be approved by the Dean and the Executive Vice President (for Academic Affairs, Student Services and Centers) or by the appropriate Vice President (for all other departments). Please do not make commitments of any kind to travel until all approvals are granted.
Study Abroad Budget/Application The proposal application form is for faculty who are interested in teaching a course to students at a location outside of the United States to complete.
Study Abroad Crisis Management Plan Manual We encourage you to read this manual thoroughly before expected departure date.
Student Application Every person planning to travel in the program must fill out an application form. Any specific academic questions necessary prior to the student's approval will be considered supplementary to this form.
Assumption of Risk and Release Once everyone traveling has signed a release form, they must be forwarded to in The Office of Graduate Administration.
Travel Insurance/Medical Coverage Summary Contains a summary of all travel and medical insurance benefits being purchased by each traveler.

*Please note: If the traveler is not a student but an alumni/guest (*guests means individuals invited and authorized to participate in a covered activity that is under the control of the participating organization) there is an ADDITIONAL cost per person of $50.00 or $4.00 per day for every additional day after 15 days.
Incident Report This form is used to collect necessary information pertaining to a significant incident while traveling.
Program Trip Leader Checklist Checklist for trip leader prior to departure.
Study Abroad Trip Post-Assessment Questionnaire This document is to be submitted, by the faculty coordinator, to the Office of Graduate Administration within 10 business days of the end of the trip.
Travel Insurance Roster All travelers are required to have travel insurance. A travel roster is required of everyone who is traveling and must be submitted via email to in The Office of Graduate Administration 2 weeks prior to travel for processing.

All long distance calls or roaming charges will be reimbursed at a weekly maximum of $50.00 per week per faculty. Please consider alternative ways of communicating while traveling outside of the United States.