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Nomination & Selection Procedures


The procedure for submitting a nomination is as follows:

  1. Any eligible faculty member may recommend a nomination to his/her dean.
  2. The dean will review recommendations and submit a nomination using the online Nomination Form found on the Faculty Award homepage.
  3. No faculty member may be a recipient of the Faculty Excellence Award more than once within a two-year period.


In selecting a nominee to be a recipient for a Faculty Excellence Award, the committee shall consider:

  1. All criteria for eligibility
  2. Specific examples of how well the candidate has met the criteria for innovation, integrity and excellence
  3. The number of times the candidate was nominated
  4. How much the candidate's position lends itself to visibility for nomination
  5. A person on the selection committee who has supervisory responsibility for a nominee should excuse him/herself from any meetings where that nominee is discussed in order to encourage freedom of discussion.

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