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Program Overview

The Regent University Faculty Awards for Excellence Program will be a universitywide program to motivate and reward faculty for the demonstration of innovation, integrity and excellence in teaching, scholarship and service.

The program will consist of two interrelated awards:

Any regular full-time or regular part-time faculty member may recommend nominees to their deans. Deans should select a nominee for both the fall and spring Faculty Excellence Awards. All nominations for the award will be automatically nominated for the Chancellor’s Award for Excellence (Professor of the Year).

The implementation of the program is designed to provide continuity, faculty involvement, low maintenance and systematic checks to ensure that the program is functioning as intended.

The Faculty Awards for Excellence Program Committee (FAEPC) will be appointed by the executive vice president. It will be the duty of the FAEPC to implement and maintain the Faculty Awards for Excellence Program. This structure will provide the grass roots involvement, low maintenance and continuity essential to the success of the Faculty Awards for Excellence Program.

Guidelines and deadlines will be established to ensure the above. The executive vice president will monitor and serve as coordinator of the program.

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