Parents and Guardians

We find that parents exploring this site are here because they want the best for their children. Sounds like you? Undoubtedly, you understand that education and discipline—coupled with strong values—fuel potential and dramatically open doors for success.

What Priceless Gift Can You Offer Your Children Now?

Encouragement. Setting challenging, but attainable expectations, and instilling courage, vision and a can-do attitude will have a positive impact on your son or daughter for a lifetime.

So go ahead—begin open discussions now with your children on the importance of their studies for their future. Boldly let them know that you expect them to finish high school and believe in them to become a college graduate as well.

How to Get Started

Access the attached resources on taking the right steps now to prepare for college.

We've assembled engaging presentations on the benefits of finishing high school, what courses should be taken beginning in ninth grade, how to talk to your teenagers, how to understand and access financial aid, and how to create a plan so your dreams for your child's education become a reality.

You are planting seeds of change. Through your love, hard work and values, your children will be a light for their generation and an asset for this nation.

Please download and print the resources provided below in any quantity and share them freely! Thank you for your partnership.

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