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Quality Enhancement Plan

The mission of Regent's Quality Enhancement Plan is to Develop Globally Competent Christian Leaders who are identified by specific characteristics. They have a diverse and knowledgeable worldview; they comprehend the global dimensions of their chosen fields; they communicate effectively across cultural and linguistic boundaries; they demonstrate cultural awareness and adaptability; and, they carry their global competencies throughout life.

Much like the transformative process of our Christian faith, becoming globally competent is a journey towards an end, but we remain ever-learning. The objectives of the QEP are:

  1. To increase global learning in academic programs
  2. To enhance faculty expertise in global teaching and learning
  3. To become a leading center of Christian thought and action.


Student Outcomes

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SEE. Global perspective - Students will have as part of their general knowledge and academic specialization a comparative understanding of the world's societies and nations. For example, students will be able to identify and analyze prevailing world social, cultural, religious and political conditions and trends, and their impact on theory and professional practice.

CONNECT. Intercultural engagement - Students will be able to communicate effectively across cultural and linguistic boundaries. An example would be the student's understanding of communication patterns of different world cultures.

LEARN. Information literacy - Students will be able to identify, evaluate and use information from a global perspective. For example, a globally competent Regent student will be able to determine whether new knowledge has an impact on one's value system and take steps to reconcile differences.

LEAD. Global leadership - Students will embrace a Christ-like attitude to positively impact the global community. For example, Regent students will recognize the impact of global issues on individual lives and believe that individual and collaborative action can influence the world.


What You Can Do

If we are to reach our QEP goal of becoming a leading center of Christian thought and action, we need to begin with ourselves.  Here are simple ways to improve your global competence:

  • Read Regent's Quality Enhancement Plan on the RU Global website.
  • Pray regularly for the people of other countries. Pass along prayer cards pdf to others.
  • Consult resources about other countries and cultures.
  • Read and listen to international news.
  • Learn a second language.
  • Participate in a service learning project.
  • Brush up on your geography and learn to pronounce the names of other countries.
  • Listen to music from around the world.