Imagery of Regent people and campus

Welcome to Regent

Regent's outstanding faculty inspire students to think profoundly and independently as they confront the complexities of leadership in today's world. Regent University students cultivate lives that unite the heart of a servant and the mind of a scholar to pursue their academic and spiritual goals. Our students honor their spiritual heritage and forge a new vision that will shape a relevant, vibrant faith for tomorrow's believers.

When you become a member of Regent's faculty, you join a team of academics who are deeply committed to their faith and academic excellence. We believe that Regent is a "leading center for Christian thought and action," and we fully expect our faculty to be experts in their fields, expanding established sensibilities, and breaking new ground. We also take the role of teacher-mentor seriously, and encourage faculty-student interaction as a cornerstone of a great education.

We welcome you to our community of believers, a community of dedicated, caring professionals. We are a better place because you are here, and are grateful to God for calling you to Regent, and grateful to you for your obedience to that calling; may we together clearly hear and heed all that the Lord has for us at Regent.