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Integrating Faith & Learning

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To fulfill Regent's mission, faculty are required to integrate faith and learning in their curriculum. Be sure to review the University's Faculty and Academic Policy (see Worldview and Hermeneutics Understanding) regarding integration of faith and learning. Additionally, you will want to visit the Center for Christian Thought and Action.



Azusa Pacific University
Calvin College
Cedarville College
Pepperdine University


Council for Christian Colleges & Universities


International Association of Baptist Colleges and Universities
The Institute for Christian Teaching


Christian Scholar's Review
Journal of Biblical Integration in Business
Christian Business Academy Review
Christian Education Journal
Christian Higher Education Journal
Journal of Psychology & Theology
RUMINATE: a magazine of faith in literature and art


Faith in Learning: Integrative Education and Incarnational Theology

Glanzer, P. L. (2008). Why we should discard “the integration of faith and learning”: Rearticulating the mission of the Christian scholar. Journal of Education and Christian Belief, 12(1), 41-51.


Psychology of Religion - Quick Primer to World Religions
UCLA Spirituality Study - A National Study of College Students' Search for Meaning and Purpose

Regent Authors

Tom Whetstone
- Meeting Our Sacred Epistemological Challenge
- Mentoring Adjuncts re Teaching from a Christian Worldview
- Teaching from a Christian Worldview
- Worldview of Courses

Jim Davids
- Research on Spiritual Development


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