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Syllabus Guidelines

Your syllabi should include:

  1. Area for the student to initial indicating familiarity and understanding of the requirements outlined in the syllabus.
  2. Contact information of the instructor.
  3. Instructor's office hours, location and phone number, as well as preferred times and methods for being contacted by the students.
  4. Personal greeting from the instructor.
  5. A brief description of the instructor's qualifications/credentials to teach the course.
  6. Course description from the catalog.
  7. Description of how faith and learning will be integrated in the course.
  8. Course objectives and learning outcomes.
  9. School and program, demonstrating alignment of school goals, program goals, and course objectives/learning outcomes, as appropriate
  10. Course procedures (a summary statement of the means of accomplishing course objectives).
  11. Course policies (i.e., cell phone usage, attendance, Blackboard requirements, late assignments, late assignment penalties, class participation, withdrawal, incomplete grades, academic honesty and reference to the University Academic Integrity policy, etc.)
  12. Method of evaluating student performance indicating weights of the various required course activities and the grading scale/criteria for grading.[NOTE: the need to align each summative assessment to specific course objectives/learning outcomes]
  13. The required texts.
  14. Any recommended texts.
  15. A schedule of course assignments (e.g., papers, exercises, reports, examinations, etc.), activities, readings, etc., with required due dates. [NOTE: the need to align each summative assessment to specific course objectives/learning outcomes]
  16. An indication of the methods by which instruction in the course will be evaluated.
  17. You should also include a mention of the student evaluations which are required and confidential.

Syllabi shall be developed according to approved templates and submitted to the respective Dean's office in electronic form one week prior to the start of the course (individual schools may require earlier delivery). A course syllabus shall be provided to each student on or before the first scheduled meeting of the course and should not be altered significantly after this meeting without the respective Dean's approval.