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What Makes a Good Instructor?

Although every faculty member is bound to have their own unique style of teaching, there are some similar traits of effective instructors.

With Students

  • Develop a passion for students, teaching, and learning
  • Give prompt feedback to students
  • Develop a student-centered approach to learning
  • Provide a non-threatening, welcoming environment
  • Invite students to ask questions when they don't understand something
  • Wait at least 30 second for students to respond to questions
  • Learn about your students and what motivates them
  • Teach students about self-efficacy and autonomous learning

Course Material

  • Understand and demonstrate sound pedagogy and andragogy
  • Learn what your students know about the subject and scaffold activities for maximum learning
  • Be sure your course learning outcomes are measurable
  • Align your course learning outcomes, assessments, and course activities
  • Follow the Registrar's Guidelines regarding grades.

Professional Development

  • Continue professional development opportunities
  • Keep a journal about your teaching experiences
  • Invite a colleague to review your course designs and teaching and offer a peer review
  • Read student evaluations
  • Pray and ask God for guidance with your teaching and learning
  • Find a willing and capable faculty mentor
  • Continue to reflect on your teaching and develop an attitude of continual course improvement