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Curricular Development and Control

At Regent, full-time faculty, with their respective deans, are responsible to develop and retain control of the curriculum. Adjunct faculty and full-time faculty teach according to an established instructional design and are not permitted to modify the curriculum without approval from their chair or program director. They are encouraged to bring feedback and suggestions for course or program improvement to the attention of the program directors and/or dean of the school. The Regent part-time faculty are incorporated well into the life of the university. Professional development opportunities through the Center for Teaching and Learning are also available to adjunct faculty members. Both full and part-time faculty are evaluated by students, and both use the same handbook. All faculty are evaluated to ensure that course outcomes are being met.

Finally, assessment results themselves verify that the learning that takes place under the tutelage of the part-time faculty is as rich as that of the full-time faculty; that retention of students is high among both kinds of faculty; and that faculty functions are addressed sufficiently, as assessed by students and others.

Instructional support and resources for faculty are in place to maintain the quality, integrity and consistency of our academic programs.