Imagery of Regent people and campus

Parking Pass

You will need to register your vehicle with Parking Services (SC 201) and receive a Regent parking decal in order to park on campus.

Faculty, staff, and students must park only in regular parking spaces in the following University lots:Regent license plate

  • Classroom Building
  • Library/Administration
  • Robertson Hall
  • Communication Building

Founder's Inn is also allowing Regent vehicles to park in their lots. You may park in the CBN Corporate Support Building lot if you need to use that building. CBN Studio Headquarters parking lot across from the Student Center is off-limits to all Regent students. Only Student Center staff are authorized to park in this lot. See map .

There are 40 numbered reserved parking spaces for faculty and staff, which are billed based upon the employee's annual salary. Administrative Services maintains a waiting list for reserved spaces. Parking in a reserved space without the yellow "Reserved Space" hangtag may result in immediate towing of the vehicle, regardless of time of day. Those paying for a reserved parking space must also receive a parking sticker for their windshield.

For more information, visit the parking policy webpage.