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Office Hours

Office hours are an important element to your teaching here at Regent University. They demonstrate your priority to be available to students for instructional, counseling and related purposes. Full-time faculty must allow a minimum of six hours per week for office hours. Your dean will review and approve your office hours each term.

If you are on-campus, please post your office hours outside your office by the end of the second week of each term or the first week of each summer session. You will need to make "every reasonable effort" to keep your office hours. If for some reason you cannot be available, please provide an alternate time to meet the six-hour requirement and be sure to make your department administrative assistant aware of the change.

Keep in mind that half of our students attend part-time, juggling jobs, family and homework. Whether you teach online or face-to-face, consider online office hours. There are multiple ways of meeting online. Blackboard Collaborate and Skype are two options you can explore.