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University Communications

Listserv Announcements
Weekly all-staff, all-faculty, and all-student emails provide important information related to university events and professional development. As a faculty member, you will automatically receive emails sent to the all-staff and all-faculty lists. You can submit your own announcements using the link above.

Library Link
This newsletter/blog provides you with interesting articles and tidbits from the University Library.

Please attend weekly university and/or school chapels with your colleagues. You can view live and archived chapels online at the link above by logging into the portal.

Faculty Meetings
Four times a year the entire Regent staff and faculty body meet for special announcements, distribution of awards, and often a message from our president.

Faculty Prayer
An opportunity to pray with your colleagues the second Wednesday of each month from 7-8 a.m. in the Private Dining Room located in the Ordinary.

Academic Calendar
Review this calendar thoroughly to be aware of important dates.

Regent News
Find out the latest university-wide news.

Christian Leader
A magazine for Regent University alumni and friends