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Content System

The Content System is a great place to store personal and course content - content that is available 24/7 from anywhere with an Internet connection. For tutorials on how to use the Content System, visit Blackboard OnDemand.

Using "My Content"

The Bb Content System offers personal storage space of 200 MB for every Regent faculty and staff member. To start using it, login to Blackboard and click on the Share tab located along the top edge of your Blackboard homepage. Click on the large icon, My Content, on the left. At this point you can create folders and organize them by research topic, classes, new ideas, etc. the same way that you do on your computer. Now you can access these materials from anywhere at any time.

Organizing Course Materials

Before the Content System became available, course materials had to be stored on local hard drives or on shared network drives which may not have been available remotely or accessible to key faculty and staff. This can be a serious problem, especially in team teaching situations. The Bb Content Systems alleviates these problems. Think of the Content System as a virtual filing cabinet that allows file storage and sharing, but only the appropriate faculty and staff have the key.

As you think about implementing the Content System for your courses, department, or school, consider carefully how you want to organize this virtual "filing cabinet." Here's one approach that you may want to use: organize by school, programs, courses, faculty/student content. For example, let's use a fictitious new school: The Regent School of Music. To organize the materials in the content system, one might first create a School of Music folder. Under that, two folders representing two programs of study: Classical Music and Popular Music. Under each of those folders, additional folders representing classes could be created; for example, under Popular Music: POPM 101 Intro to Popular Music, POPM 201 The Beatles - A Critical Look, and POPM322 The Jimmy Hendrix Experience. For each of these classes, there might be three folders: Course Content, Syllabus, and Instructor Materials. This is how it might look:

School of Music
     - Classical Music
     - Popular Music
            - POPM101 Into to Pop Music
            - POPM210 The Beatles - A Critical Look
            - POPM322 The Jimmy Hendrix Experience
                     - Course Content
                     - Syllabus
                     - Instructor Materials

The Content System allows permissions/security to be customized so that students can access the Course Content and Syllabus, but not the Instructor Materials. With this setup (or something similar), your course materials will be well-organized, secure, and available to all personnel who need access to them.

Managing Permissions

One of the great things about the Content System is that it offers round-the-clock and round-the-globe access to your Regent and personal materials. However, it is important that security be implemented properly. So here are some quick definitions of each level of permissions offered through the Content System:

  • Read: Users have the ability to view items or folders.
  • Write: Users have the ability to make changes to items and folders.
  • Remove: Users have the ability to remove items from the folder or the folder itself.
  • Manage: Users have the ability to control the properties and settings of items and folders.

Consider these definitions as you plot your Content System infrastructure. Remember that the Content System offers flexible permissions options - use them wisely!

For Help

For technical assistance you can contact the help desk at Bb Content Administrator is Chris Mack at