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Criteria & Eligibility


The eligible school or library faculty member must have demonstrated professional excellence and spiritual integrity in the areas of teaching, scholarship or service. The definition of each criterion is as follows:

  1. Teaching: New and improved methods of teaching and instruction, consistently strong student and peer evaluations of teaching, exceptional professional and personal mentorship.
  2. Scholarship: Quantity and quality of scholarship production commensurate with scholarly excellence in one's discipline. Scholarship should reflect clear and effective integration of a Christian worldview.
  3. Service: Significant record of university, community and/or national service; leadership roles demonstrated in one's profession.


Faculty Excellence Award eligibility requirements are that the nominees must:

  1. Be a regular full-time or regular part-time faculty member for at least two academic terms before the award is made. Vice presidents, deans, faculty on sabbatical, adjunct faculty and graduate assistants are ineligible to receive this particular award.

Chancellor’s Award for Excellence (“Professor of the Year”) eligibility requirements are that the nominees must:

  1. Meet the eligibility requirements for the Faculty Excellence Award.
  2. Have been employed at least one academic year and nominated for the Faculty Excellence Award within the current year.

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