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Human Subjects Review (HSR)

The role of the Human Subjects Review Committee is to provide a comprehensive review of all faculty and student research activities within Regent University. The committee is responsible for ensuring that all research projects adhere to the principles of protecting human subjects' rights and welfare, as well as maintaining research integrity. Research conducting human subjects research are required to comply with Federal law (45 CFR 46) and State laws (Virginia Code 32.1-162.16).

Our mission is to protect the worth, dignity, rights, health, welfare, and privacy of all persons who choose to be willing participants in research involving human subjects, in a loving manner. The HSRC is committed to ethical, sensitive, and responsible conduct in the research of human subjects. Researchers must respect personal dignity and autonomy, secure voluntary consent from fully informed subjects, and protect persons by minimizing potential risks or harm of subjects.

All research involving human subjects requires approval from the Human Subjects Review Committee prior to data collection.

Please review the Research Review Process, FAQs, Forms, and Contacts for more information.