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Dr. Mickey K. Collins

Dr. Mickey Collins's Publication

The Power of Leadership: The Heartbeat of God

In these postmodern times, when leaders are falling from grace because of various scandals, lack of integrity, and greed, it is imperative that Christian leaders take the forefront and begin to lead with boldness, honesty, and righteousness by using biblical principles and practices that Jesus modeled when training His disciples. The Power of Leadership: The Heartbeat of God, by Dr. Mickey Collins, provides this practical “hands-on” approach to leadership.

Dr. Perry Martini

Dr. Perry Martini's Publication

Inspiring Leadership: Character and Ethics Matter

Where can leaders turn for guidance on ethical dilemmas? This thought-provoking question motivated Stew Fisher and Perry Martini to write a timely and inspirational book, Inspiring Leadership: Character and Ethics Matter. Stew and Perry focus on a microcosm of leaders, including formal Naval Academy classmates, who today influence nearly every aspect of life in our country.

Dr. Perry Martini's Publication

My Father’s Compass: Leadership Lessons for an Immigrant Son

Countless Italian immigrants passed through Ellis Island, known to many as the “Island of Tears,” from 1892 to 1934. These peasant farmers abandoned their lifestyle of hardship to follow their dreams of prosperity and freedom. Author and professor Perry J. Martini, takes you on a personal journey with his family from the moment they walked down the hills of their Abruzzo village in Italy, to the arduous crossing of the Atlantic, to their first glimpse of the welcoming Statue of Liberty, and finally, to their settling in Northeastern Ohio.

Dr. Byron Cherry

Dr. Byron Cherry's Publication

Are We Safer Now? Airline Security in a Post-9/11 Society

September 11, 2001, was a day that most Americans will never forget as long as they live. Are We Safer Now? Airline Security in a Post-9/11 Societyoffers an interesting glance into understanding the factors that influenced the change in passengers' perceptions of how safe they really are when traveling by air. Furthermore, Cherry provides a foundation to understanding the role of a leader in a time of crisis. His insight and study about safety coupled with practical recommendations makes this a “must read” for all. Visit Dr. Cherry's web site.

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