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Undergraduate Housing Requirements

All first year freshmen between the ages of 17 and 22 intending to study on campus full-time are required to live on campus if you live outside of a 25 mile radius of our campus.

Students may formally appeal to live off campus, and exceptions will normally be granted for the following:

  • Student lives with parent(s) or guardian(s) within 25 miles of Regent University. These students will be considered commuter students.
  • Student is active duty military. Copy of military ID, activation papers or letter from recruiter will be required.
  • Student is attending Regent on a part time basis, defined as less than 12 credit hours a semester, or attending online only.
  • Student is married, engaged, or pregnant. A copy of marriage certificate, wedding announcement, or medical documentation will be required.
  • Student has financial limitations. If the student is independent and receives no support from parents; or in the event of loss of employment by a supporting parent, a letter from the parent stating such will be required. Other financial considerations must include a signed release permitting the RSU Student Services office to review the student's financial aid status and a written budget comparing costs, including utilities, cable, internet, telephone and rent.
  • Student has an existing medical condition that would be aggravated if the student lived in university housing. A letter from a physician verifying condition will be required.
  • Student has other compelling reason to reside off campus. A detailed written explanation will be required.

All appeals must be in writing using the University Housing Appeal Form pdf along with all supporting documents. This form must be submitted to the Academic Advising Office. Students will be notified within 10 business days whether the appeal has been approved or denied, or if more information is needed. Submission of an appeal does NOT release the student from his or her obligations to the University, nor are all appeals automatically approved. Please plan accordingly!

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