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Five Reasons Regent Is the Perfect Choice for Homeschooled Students

It's the fruit of years of labor: successfully moving from homeschool to the university. And finding the right university for a homeschooled graduate is critical. What school combines flexibility and Christian values with the academic standards set by parents?

At Regent University, homeschooled students will find a seamless transition into college life, along with an education to prepare them for a successful future. Read on to learn the top five reasons Regent is the perfect choice for homeschooled students.

1. Homeschoolers Welcome

At Regent, we understand and deeply respect the homeschool ethos, and we actively recruit homeschooled students, finding them among our brightest and most capable undergraduates.

When you apply to Regent, you'll discover our admissions staff holds homeschooled students in the same high regard as public and private school students. We admire the care and excellence parents invest in a home-based curriculum and recognize how such an environment prepares a student for college.

2. Learning Online or On-Campus

Homeschooled students know firsthand the advantages of planning your own school day, of learning at your own pace. And Regent's top-ranked online learning programs enable incoming homeschooled freshmen to continue fitting their class schedules to their life schedules.

Regent students may pursue degrees through a combination of web and on-campus classes, and some degrees can even be earned completely online. So whether a homeschooled graduate is ready to move to Virginia Beach, thinking of spending one more year at home, or even looking to complete college remotely, Regent offers a plan to fit their needs.

3. Your Values and Mission

Parents choose homeschooling, in part, to pass along to their children their own Christian values and worldview. And when parents send their children to Regent, they may rest assured that college will reinforce what mom and dad taught at home.

Every Regent faculty and staff member is a Christian, committed to helping each student grow in their faith. And in Regent classrooms, a biblical worldview permeates each subject. Just as with homeschooling, students emerge from Regent with a deeper, more sophisticated faith.

4. A Community That Cares

When homeschooled students arrive at the Virginia Beach campus of Regent University, they find a loving Christian support network waiting to greet them.

In addition to homeschoolers meeting a sizable community of likeminded, homeschooled students, Regent freshmen are also supported by caring faculty and staff eager to help new arrivals make a smooth transition to campus life. And by joining a student Bible study or any number of Regent extracurricular activities, our students quickly and easily make caring Christian friends.

5. The Highest Academic Standards

All over the world, Regent students and alumni are a vital part of the mission we share: Christian Leadership to Change the World.

We take that mission with a deep seriousness, and it's a commitment well reflected in Regent classrooms. From limiting class sizes to 25 students, to attracting world-famous faculty, to maintaining the highest academic expectations for our students, Regent makes every effort to deliver the best education available anywhere. Regent takes a direct stake in every student's success, because our goal is supplying the world with the next generation of Christian thinkers, professionals, and activists.

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Every year at Regent, we're excited to welcome many homeschooled students to our campus and online degree programs. Combining a flexible curriculum with a Christian culture, Regent offers an ideal education for both traditional students and graduates of homeschool programs. To learn more about how a Regent education complements and builds upon a homeschool background, request your welcome kit today.

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