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Transfer Days

Transfer Days is designed specifically for students transferring from other colleges and universities. This focused, half-day experience connects you with what you want and need as an experienced college student. You will:

  • Receive individual Career Coaching appointments, which includes specific guidance in utilizing Regent’s programs and services as well as the critical steps you should take in order to make the most of your degree once you graduate.
  • Meet with a professional Academic Advisor to register for classes, address questions related to your degree program, and share with you the policies and procedures that affect you most so that you can start your academic journey at Regent in the best way possible.
  • Learn from an active student leader, who will guide you around campus—sharing a realistic perspective on the most important aspects of being successful at Regent.
  • Meet with a representative from the Financial Aid team to ensure a smooth transition and learn about good financial stewardship.

Frequently Asked Questions

Not only do many students find a summer event convenient and relaxing, they are often excited to register for classes and learn what they need to in order to make their pending Regent experiences the best as it can be. To this end, perspective, preparation, and planning are paramount to a great start in the fall semester.

We highly encourage students who will be transferring to Regent and taking classes on campus to attend. We have developed this orientation with you in mind, with your peers as contributors, and with research and best practice at its core.

Your registration helps us tremendously in preparing a nice experience for you! You will experience the event with a small group of students before and after your individual appointments with Career Coaches and Academic Advisors. Since individual appointments form the foundation of the event, students who arrive without registering will not be able to participate.

Students should take care to complete the following before attending:

  1. Complete the Enrollment Agreement Form and pay the Enrollment Deposit.
  2. Set up your login to access the MyRegent system—this is very important. You have received instructions in an email from our IT department. Contact the Help Desk at 757.352.4076 for assistance.
  3. Complete the pre-event student inventory. This will help our advising team understand your particular needs for class registration.
  4. Complete the StrengthsQuest™ assessment online using the code given to you in a separate message.
  5. Bring all of your transcripts, which were not submitted previously with the admissions application, to your Academic Advising appointment. Click here for information on submitting official transcript(s) from other institutions you have attended previously.
  6. Fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (
  7. Review and complete unsatisfied financial aid requirements. Login to your Genisys account ( From the Genisys Main Menu select the links for: Financial Aid > Eligibility > Financial Aid Requirements > Select Aid Year 2014-2015

StrengthsQuest™ is a popular inventory/assessment that helps people to understand their unique, innate, and God-given talents. Millions of people, many of them students in college or early in their professional careers, have reaped the benefit from taking the assessment.

Utilizing this assessment, our Career Coaches and Academic Advisors will work with you to develop a plan that leverages your unique set of talent themes in the pursuit of your desired mission and in support of a successful academic experience.

By responding to the statements in the assessment with the most honest, top-of-mind choice, the online software will determine your top five talent themes. The only wrong choice is one that does not reflect how you would answer honestly. You will receive the results immediately, as will the relevant Regent University staff. Most people complete it within 20-25 minutes.

You will receive the most benefit from your StrengthsQuest™ experiences by reading the descriptions of each one of your themes specifically, and the book as a whole, which will be available through the online interface through which you took your assessment. Doing so will help you get the most out of your individual career coaching and academic advising appointments.

Upon arrival (see directions), you may park in Lot L (see map) and then check-in at the Welcome Center (#7 on map) up to 30 minutes ahead of your scheduled start time. Attire is casual and wear comfortable walking shoes. Prepare accordingly for any inclement weather, as you will be walking around campus on a tour and in between buildings.

Transfer Days 2014 Registration is Now Closed.

All traditional-aged students (under 24) who will live locally during the school year should register for and plan to attend the Campus Connection Orientation in August. Students will receive information regarding Campus Connection Orientation and Welcome Week at their Regent email address.

Contact the Student Support Services at 800.722.3680 or with questions.