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La Casa de Español - Residential Spanish Language Community

La Casa de Español is Regent University’s first residential language community. As such, it provides a unique opportunity to a select number of students to immerse themselves in the language and culture of the Spanish-speaking world. Students living in La Casa de Español share a common residential experience and are required to participate in a learning-focused program and activities that will enhance their knowledge and understanding of the Spanish language and Hispanic culture.
The program of La Casa de Español is characterized by a holistic environment that blends knowledge, skills, and character development to foster a greater understanding of the Spanish language and Hispanic culture. The following goals and outcomes will guide La Casa de Español:

Goal 1: Enhance Language Competence for Students

Outcome 1: Students will improve their proficiency in the Spanish language by at least one level of the ACTFL Language Proficiency Testing scale.

  • Non-fluent students will take two three (3) credit hour Spanish language classes per academic year (SPAN 210, 211 or 310, 311)
  • Students will take two (2) credit hour language and culture classes per academic year

Outcome 2: Students will apply their Spanish language skills through intentional reading, viewing and listening opportunities within the community.

  • Spanish reading material in the residence and/or University Library
    • Planned interaction with local Hispanic communities, churches, and organizations.

Outcome 3: Students will apply their Spanish language skills through Spanish-only conversation within the residence.

  • All Spanish Hours from, Monday - Sunday.
  • "Family" meals - at least twice per week.

Goal 2: Enhance Students’ Global Competence

Outcome 4: Students will experience and reflect on Hispanic culture through intentional cross-cultural activities.

  • Mini-courses on cooking, fine arts, traditions, literature, etc.
  • Local cultural activities associated with Spanish language (concerts, exhibits at museums, festivals, etc.)

Outcome 5: Students will experience life and culture in a Spanish-speaking country through one substantial travel experience during the year.

  • Trip to Spain, Central America or South America (trip costs not included in program).

Outcome 6: Students will examine political and cultural events and conditions in the Spanish-speaking world.

  • Organized weekly discussion about world events from Spanish-speaking countries or regions of the world.

Goal 3: Strengthen Students’ Christian worldview

Outcome 7: Students will apply their Christian leadership skills in service opportunities at local Hispanic churches and community associations.

  • Volunteer service projects assisting the local Hispanic population.

Outcome 8: Students will reflect on the influence of Spanish cultural and language experiences on the shaping of their character.

  • Four substantive blog posts during each semester in the program.

Outcome 9: Students will apply their Christian worldviews through living and learning experiences within a Christian community.

  • Spanish devotionals in La Casa de Español as well as worship and service in local Hispanic churches.