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The Carpenter’s Apprentice

A Metaphor for Learning

It is widely accepted that Jesus was a carpenter. In many trades, it is common for a novice to serve as an apprentice to someone who has mastered the trade. God - being the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit in one - is the source of all knowledge, strength, energy and life. He is omnipotent and omniscient. Jesus is of the trinity; therefore, Jesus is the "master" of all. Jesus is the source of our salvation and a model of our humanity. As Christians, we endeavor to become more like Christ. We pray to Jesus for our strength and wisdom. We cry out to Jesus in times of great joy and pain. We invite Him into our lives to serve as our model for our thoughts and behaviors, and in doing so, we glorify God. As a student, your "trade" is your major or field of study. As you learn your trade, if you invite Him into your study time, to be with you during exams, and to coach you as you write papers, you learn from Jesus the master. So, if Jesus is the master and you learn your trade from Him, you are The Carpenter's Apprentice.

About the Module

The Carpenter’s Apprentice is a module in Blackboard specifically designed to assist students on their academic and personal development journey. This is a self-guided workshop designed to help you assess your academic strengths, as well as your areas of growth opportunity, including:

  • decision making, goal-setting, and note taking;
  • online learning, organization, and learning styles;
  • reading (for speed and comprehension), writing, and testing;
  • stress management, time management, and using technology.

Once you have identified the areas on which to work, the course has a plethora of resources in each area to assist you. There are no instructors nor grades, nor are there any fees or time limits. This workshop was designed specifically to allow you to participate at the level most comfortable for you. However, as with most endeavors, the more you invest the more you will gain.
How do I begin?
All undergraduate students are automatically enrolled in this free, self-paced workshop within one week after they have been accepted and paid their enrollment fees. Check your Blackboard course listings for a course entitled, "+The Carpenter’s Apprentice (A Free 24/7 Resource)." Simply click on it, and you're in!
If you do not have access to the course, enter the requested information below. Within two business days, you will gain access to the module:

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