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Internship Search Steps

Ten Helpful Internship Search Tips

Set the following ten goals
for getting an internship:
Suggested timeline to accomplish goal:
(based on Summer/June internship track)
1) Meet with or contact a Career Services representative Nine (9) months before internship:
Examine career/academic goals and interests.
2) Begin researching internships, utilizing RSU's Career Services Internship page. Note deadline trends. Eight (8) months before internship:
What is your dream job? Is there a specific company for which you want to work? The Career Services Internship page, which lists hundreds of opportunities, can aid you in your search.
3) Narrow your search to focus on your top companies. Seven to Eight (7-8) months before internship:
Focus your search.
4) Develop a resume and cover letter. Seven (7) months before internship:
Make sure you have an updated resume. Visit the Career Services Office for assistance or check out the links at
5) Explore getting academic credit for your internship. Six to Seven (6-7) months before internship:
Ask your department chair to evaluate your top prospective internships. You will need to provide detailed information.
6) Contact your top prospective internship sites, or apply if the application information is available. Six (6) months before internship:
Now that your resume is updated, contact the companies that most interest you if you need more information on the application process or on available internships. Be prepared to provide a resume if requested.
7) Prepare for the interview. Four to Five (4-5) months before internship:
Some employers want to interview prospective interns. Prepare for your internship interview like an actual job. Ask the Career Services Office to conduct a mock interview.
8) Select your offers. Three to Four (3-4) months before internship:
If you have more than one offer, choose the one which best fits your needs. Ask for assistance if you need help making your decisions.
9) Do an inventory. Two (2) months before internship:
Verify with the Registrar's Office your enrollment in the internship course. Check in with your worksite supervisor and faculty sponsor for required assignments. If you're not getting credit, verify expectations with Kita Graham, Assistant Director of Career Services.
10) Start your internship. Remember to be punctual, have good attendance and communicate with your faculty sponsor. There are several academic requirements for your internship. Follow-up with the Career Services Office (757.352.4348 or or your faculty sponsor if you have any questions.

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