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Application Process

5 Steps

Follow these steps if you plan to do an internship. As you complete this process, we will be able to assist you with any additional information that is specific to your situation.

  1. Complete the online Internship Request form.
  2. Work with Career Services to find a suitable opportunity.
  3. Submit your Learning Contract, Internship Description, and Essay (for Undergraduate students) to Career Services (
  4. Begin your internship, fulfilling course requirements & submitting assignments as necessary.
  5. Follow up with Career Services.

Upcoming Events

RU Talks: Diplomacy in Action with Diplomat-in-Residence Richard Jaworski

9/27/2016 11:00am

Similar to the TED Talk educational series, (a free lecture series on ...

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Virginia Production Alliance (VPA) Membership Meeting

1/17/2017 6:00pm

The VPA meetings are open to people who participate in the Hampton Roa...

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