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Interview Assistance

Interviewing well requires practice, and most experts would agree that interviewing is both an art and a science. While much of your interviewing style will stem from your personality, there are numerous facets of interviewing that, if done well, will help you generate a professional image.

Regent offers several programs and resources through which you can increase your interview skills and learn about the dynamics of interviewing well.

Face-to-Face Mock Interviews

Mock interviews are designed to simulate real interview situations in a safe environment in which you can discover your interviewing strengths as well as areas of potential growth. Once each year, the Center for Student Development organizes formal mock interview sessions with trained interviewers and experts in your field of study.

In addition, you can contact the Undergraduate Office of Student Services to schedule a free, informal mock interview, with one of our trained staff members. You will receive verbal and written feedback; a DVD-recording can be arranged for a fee.

Phone Mock Interviews

Employers are using phone interviews to help weed through the hundreds or even thousands of applications and resumes they may receive. While phone interviews present some of the same dynamics as face-to-face interviews, there are numerous dynamics that change when using the telephone. Contact the Career Services Office to schedule a free phone interview with one of our trained staff members. You will receive verbal and written feedback. This is an excellent option for distance students.