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Keys to Successful Learning for All Incoming Undergraduate Students

March 27, 2009

Keys to Success

Do you have concerns about studying online? Know that most of our students come to Regent with little or no experience with learning in an online environment.

In an effort to empower students, all incoming undergraduate students will engage in a 2-week, no-cost, non-credit online orientation entitled, "Keys to Successful Learning at Regent Undergrad". The completion of this orientation is required before students can enroll for their 2nd semester of study.

At the conclusion of the orientation, we expect new students to:

  • Understand what to expect and how to succeed as online learners;
  • Feel more confident about their abilities to succeed in the online learning environment;
  • Develop relationships with other students starting in the same semester; and
  • Appreciate community and collaboration in online learning.

"We believe that Keys to Successful Learning will be a tremendous benefit to students as they'll have the opportunity to acclimate to the learning environment before their classes begin," said Dr. Pamela Lee, Associate Dean of Students. "Moreover, since every course at Regent Undergrad has an online component, all students will benefit from this orientation."

Students can register for this free orientation through Genisys, after they have been accepted and paid their enrollment fees.