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Excerpts from a recent 700 Club interview with Jada Collins

July 21, 2008

Jada Collins is more than your average online student at Regent University. After walking a thousand fashion run-ways and having her photos in hundreds of magazines, Jada now serves as the fashion commentator for Ebony fashion fair. As an online student at Regent University, Jada is accomplishing her educational goals while managing a very demanding career.

While Jada might appear as if she has it "all together", there was a time in her life where she didn't feel very successful. In a recent interview by the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN), Jada shared her story about her childhood, her abusive father, and her road to healing in her life.

During this poignant interview, Jada shared about how the cutting words from her abusive father affected her and her opinion about her own self worth.

"It was just a few words, but those words disabled me, literally. It's a fear of not having security. It's a fear of what people think about me. It's a fear of, you know, 'Dad, why don't you love me?' "

After several years in this abusive environment, Jada was able to move closer to her grandparents and began going to church. Surrounded by loving grandparents, Jada began hearing words of encouragement from her grandfather and she described a specific incident where the affirmative words of her grandfather gave her hope.

"I just remember my grandfather who I love to death. He told me, 'You know, you would be the prettiest little model.' And that just opened the door. It was like this light at the end of the tunnel that gave me a little hope, that said, 'You know what? I have something to reach for.'"

From there, Jada began to see herself the way God saw here. She went on to train with supermodel, Christy Turlington, and eventually was picked as an Ebony fashion fair model out of thousands of candidates. Jada stated,

"My career has been spectacular. And I'm sitting here now and I'm saying to myself, 'Thank you Lord, thank you.' Because it couldn't have gotten any better for me," she says. "I just know that - God reigns and He is faithful, and He's my King."

Today, Jada is the commentator and spokesmodel for Ebony fashion fare and has written a book, Be-u-ti-ful, which speaks to women about overcoming their past. She is continuing her studies at Regent University and hopes to pursue graduate studies after completion of her bachelor's degree in communication.

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