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Credit for Learning Experience Submission

The portfolio is a required document to be submitted to the Regent University College of Arts & Sciences for assessment of prior college-level learning. The portfolio provides the primary documentation upon which learning is evaluated for credit. Please prepare the portfolio carefully, making sure that all steps below have been completed and the portfolio is well organized and written. A portfolio will be evaluated only when all of the following steps have been completed.

1. Contact The Prior Learning Assessment Coordinator

2. Complete a Prior Learning Assessment Portfolio Cover Sheet

3. Complete An Autobiography

4. Complete An Experiential Learning Essay

5. Complete Payment For Prior Learning Assessment

6. Receive The Results Of Your Prior Learning Assessment

Appeal Process

Regent University has established the following appeal procedure for students who disagree with the results of a Prior Learning Assessment. To appeal, follow these steps in the order listed:

  • Confer with the faculty member conducting the review. The student should state the reason or reasons upon which the request for a change indetermination is based. Note: The PLA evaluator is obligated to explain to the student the basis for determining the amount of credit which the student was awarded.
  • If the PLA evaluator does not believe that a change in the amount of credit awarded or not awarded is warranted, the student may then appeal in the following order to the:
    1. Associate Dean of Students, Donna Holcomb -, 757.352.4413
    2. Dean, College of Arts & Sciences, Dr. Gerson Moreno-Riano –, 757.352.4500

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