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The Homeschool Transcript

In general, here are some guidelines for preparing the homeschool transcript. There are many homeschool transcript templates available on-line as well as some very good record-keeping options that prepare transcripts for you for a small fee.

The homeschool transcript should:

  • list all courses taken and dates completed.
  • have a cumulative GPA calculated on a 4 point scale.
  • include the graduation date only AFTER the student has graduated. Prior to graduation, an "anticipated graduation date" can be listed.
  • be kept in a safe place forever (OK, maybe not forever, but for life of student).
  • be signed and dated by the "School Principal."
  • be mailed to the college in a sealed envelope with the principal's signature over seal.
  • Have the school name and address on the outside of the envelope.

Homeschool transcripts will be considered official when:

  • The signed transcript is delivered in a sealed envelope with the academic administrators (parent) signature over the seal of the envelope.
  • The signed transcript has been emailed directly from the academic administrators (parent) with an email chain/parents signature and explanation to verify that it came from the parent of the applicant.
  • The signed transcript has been faxed or emailed directly from the Homeschool administrator/ Guidance Counselor's office to Enrollment Support Services, Transcript Request Department, or to the Regent Admissions Counselor. It must have a fax cover sheet or email chain to support this, and must be added to the students file.

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